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New Free Ebooks Facebook Group

Hi All,

We all know just how popular Ebooks are and how well they generate income.

We also know just how popular Facebook is.

So does it not make sense to combine the 2, well I have done just that.

Come join me on my new facebook group at :

Here you can get Free Ebooks and upload your own free Ebooks to promote your products or whatever you wish.
So Come Join us and tell your friends and followers about this New Group.
I look forward to seeing you all there.
Take Care

I’m All About Giving Free Ebooks

Hi Everyone,

Well I have decided to make this blog all about giving away Free Ebooks.

You will not find anything here unless it is Free.

There will be no sign up or any other requirements, just plain free downloads.

So PLEASE Follow me if you like to get your hands on Free Stuff and Please Tell Your Friends.

So to start things rolling in the right direction here I have:

4 Rebrandable Ebooks for you.

Download Now and Enjoy! ;-)

Till Next Time

Free Training Videos. How To Make Money

Free Training Videos. How To Make Money.

Free Training Videos. How To Make Money



Start Learning How To Make Money Online Now For FREE

Details Here

Make Money Online ~ Free Download ~




Hope You Enjoy :))

Till Next Time

Bye For Now

Free Download – Realistically Make 30K in a year

How To Realistically Earn Well Over $30,000 Per Year Working Far Less Than 40 Hours Per Week AND NEVER Having To Wear Anything But Your Pyjamas!


Interested in making a living online? Don’t know where to begin? Why not start by Learning The Basics?

How would you like to make an extra $30,000 this year working from the comfort of your PC?

What if we told you that this was relatively easy to achieve? Would you believe us? “Maybe” (if you know us well) or “maybe not” (if you don’t) 😉

Well, earning $30,000 is just the tip of the iceberg if you’re prepared to put in a little effort.

Learn How in this completely free download

Get yours now …. Download

I wish you all the best and catch you next time with another free product.

Free Products – Great but what gives?

Hi all,

Well I for one am all for Free products. As an Internet Marketer and someone who provides training on how to make money online, I give away free products all the time and like to download my share also. Why not …. everyone likes free products.

But what gives with marketers of today? I know everyone like to make a dollar and i am all for making money … but give me a break! When you click a download link nowadays you get sent to a squeeze page that starts off with something like “Could I Interest You” or “Look at this special offer” and so on …. and then it goes through about 20 items they want you to buy. At the very bottom of the page you will see a link that reads something like “No Thanks take me to my free gift”.

Now at this point all is not to bad … However … You then get a second similar page of 20 or so items to buy … then a third and so it goes on. Yesterday I got 5 such pages before I got to my actual free gift to download.

Now I don’t know about you, but 5 pages full of product advertising to me is well and truly over the top.  Has the “Less is More” principle gone out the window? What ever happened to “KISS” (keep it simple stupid).

I have a Freebies pages that contain a few fee products and sometimes 1 or 2 purchase items and do very well for them. But I always make my freebies the main point as that is what the customer came to the page for in the first place. I teach that style and format  also in my training.

To be honest, when I go to obtain a free product and get hit with all these sales pages, I either just leave and don’t bother with the download or scroll down each page at such a rate I don’t even notice what is for sale and do this through every page until I get to what I came for in the first place .. my download.

Now is it just me that feels this way and am I the only one that flies through sales pages with annoyance till I get to the download? Am I teaching all wrong?

I would be very interested in your comments. So please leave me a comment and then go to my freebies page and get yourself some free stuff fast ….Freebies.

Thanks Luke

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